Custom Orders are Open! :D

When ordering, please include the following information in your first message:

1. Introduce yourself! What brings you here for a custom?

2. Let me know what you're looking for. What kind of piece would you like? What colors, what size, etc. Send over as many details as you can!

3. What's your budget? Prices can vary depending on difficulty, colors, size, etc. Customs typically start at $45.

4. If you need it shipped to someone else, let me know and I can write a cute note for them! 

5. Would you like progress pics? I can also keep it a surprise!

If you'd like more information on customs, feel free to click here!

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Garbage, 2024

Here you can see Garbage (4 years, Standard Issue Tabby) warming stored magnets for the spring. Much like a mother hen, he must lay on his magnets for minimum of 2 hours a day to ensure proper maturity and growth.

Look at his hard work