• Soap Dish

    A custom created for a lovely human who saw a bathtub scene and requested a similar design as a soap dish!

  • Sgraffito Vulva

    Custom Vulva pieces can be used for so many things like an ashtray, wall art, sculpture, or incense holder! If they're big enough, they can also be food-safe and used as a platter!

  • Cowprint Mug

    Another previous custom made for a lovely and creative human. Mugs can be made with or without handles, and with words, designs, 3D lettering, etc. Send your ideas!

Meet the Team!

Leo (they/them): Owner, Enthusiast, Extrovert.

Giblets: Micromanager, Quality Control, Lap Warmer.

Garbage: Annoying little brother, hasn't really found his role yet.

Welcome to the origin story of Chicago Queer Creations!

The owner, Leo, started as a self taught embroidery and acrylic artist in Denver, and after moving to Chicago in 2021, transitioned to attending in-person markets. As an extrovert and enthusiast, Leo genuinely enjoys getting to meet fellow artists, vendors, and organizers. Meeting new people, seeing familiar faces, and getting to share their art with Chicago and beyond is fulfilling and so much fun! 

Each embroidered piece is hand-stitched, painted, and backed with Leo's own hand poured acrylic art. Since launching Chicago Queer Creations and diving into embroidery, Leo has since been inspired to switch to ceramics, and has spent many hours creating pieces at Gnarware Workshop in Pilsen. Each piece they make is either hand-built or wheel thrown, glazed, and brought home by Leo themselves. 

Nowadays, Leo has pivoted to more online work instead of in-person markets due to the city of Chicago penalizing small businesses if they don't buy a license from the city to be a vendor. Additionally, Leo is also in school and works full time, so selling online is more compatible for their schedule. 
Thank you so much for your support, and know that each piece you purchase has been quality controlled by the team. Additionally, almost every package comes with free cat hair specifically placed there by a cat. (You're welcome).
All the love and appreciation,
Leo, Garbage, and Giblets.

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