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Chicago Queer Creations


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This piece took about 20 hours to complete (minus firing times). Each piece was slab rolled and hand sculpted, cut to fit expected dimensions, slowly dried, underglazed, fired, hand glazed again, then fired to cone 6. The tiles on the base were meticulously hand painted, and the dark minty green toilet color was custom mixed by the artist (Leo). This was the first large hand-built project completed, and now it is the perfect statement piece, planter, and overall vibe-setter for your space. 

The toilet has a hollow bowl to allow for appropriate root growth, or even just a place to store trinkets if you're not a plant person. The back is also hollow, making this piece surprisingly light. The base allows for more weight distribution, so the toilet is in no danger of tipping. 

This piece can be sold with the plants currently occupying it (as seen in the photos) only if you are a local Chicago Pick Up. To avoid shipping fees on a pickup order, please email, or DM via instagram.

Dimensions: 12in long, 15in tall, 9in wide. 

This piece will ship within 2-3 business days.