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Chicago Queer Creations

Carved Watering Bell (SECONDS)

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Wheel thrown with white clay, and dipped in 2 different colors, then glossy glazed, this piece is fun and quirky! 

How to use: Prepare a bowl of water and dip the bell to allow water inside. Cover top hole with finger to keep water inside the bell. Move bell to hover over a plant in need of watering. Release finger to allow water out, and your plants get a nice shower!!!

This item is on sale because it doesn't work quite as well as I hoped it would! A fun first try. If you decide you don't want to use it for watering, it's also a great piece to look at!!

Dimensions: 4in tall, 4.5in wide. 

Try not to not drop or knock against items, however it is much more sturdy than one would expect!

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